Why Should I Lease My Next Vehicle?

If you're a Culver City driver looking for a new ride, you probably plan on taking out an auto loan and buying your vehicle. The truth is that buying isn't your only option. In fact, leasing your vehicle can be a great choice. Both buying and leasing have their pros and cons, and both options are better for different kinds of drivers. It all depends on what you're looking for.

When you buy a vehicle, you pay for its full value, but leasing works a little differently. When you lease a car, you work out an amount of time you'll have it for (usually two or three years), and you pay for its projected value depreciation over the course of that lease. That translates to a lower down payment, and lower monthly payments too. Our new vehicle specials can help you save even more.

Another big benefit of leasing is the warranty. When you buy a vehicle, eventually your warranty expires. When you lease one, the lease period is almost always shorter than the warranty, which gives you plenty of extra peace of mind. Leasing even helps you always drive the newest, most exciting models. Once your lease period is up, you can swing by the dealership and lease the newest model again. If you still aren't sure if you should lease or buy, our finance team will help you decide.

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